Leeward Islands

Leeward Islands

Thomas Tew may have lived for some time in the Leeward Islands.  He was given a privateering commission by the British Governor of this Caribbean archipelago.  

This commission was subsequently referred to by the Governor of New York, Colonel Benjamin Fletcher.

After his term as Governor of New York ended, Fletcher was accused of collusion with pirates.  He was threatened with having his assets seized, or with jail.  One of the charges against him was that he had commissioned Thomas Tew as a privateer.

Benjamin Fletcher successfully defended himself.  He said that he was not the first colonial governor to give Tew a commission. Fletcher stated that before he met Thomas Tew, the mariner had been hired by two other colonial governors.  Fletcher told the Council of Trade and Plantations in London that Thomas Tew had previously been commissioned by the two other Royal Governors.  These were the governors of Bermuda and the Leeward Islands.

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